Special Diets

See Low Histamine Diet relevant info below
Meat and Produce Dates & Delivery Information
Knee Deep Cattle Co

Order by 10:00am on Wednesday for delivery by 5:00pm on Thursday.
Prep & Process: Thursday for Thursday delivery
Items are raw and unfrozen



Lonely Lane Farms

Beef & Pork
Order by 2:00pm on Monday for delivery by 5:00pm on Friday
Prep & Process varies but majority processes on Thursday for Friday delivery.
Items are raw and unfrozen


Deck Family Farms

Whole Chickens, Pork and Lamb
Order by 10:00 am Tuesday for delivery by 5:00 pm on Thursday
Prep & Process: Process dates vary products are frozen within 24 hours of slaughter.
Items are FROZEN


Hawley Ranch

Order by 2:00 pm on Monday for delivery by 5:00 pm on Thursday
Stew and ground frozen immediately after processing.
Other products refrigerated for 24 hours before delivery


Turpen Family Farms

Chicken and Duck Eggs
Delivered Mondays between 10:00 am – 2:00 pm (duck egg availability varies)


Cape Clear Fishery

Salmon – flash frozen at sea and available in our freezers.

For more information and to place an order, please contact
The Kiva Monday-Friday at (541) 342-8666


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