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Our Vendors

Hummingbird Wholesale
"We are fortunate to have a company like Hummingbird Wholesale here in Eugene. This bulk food distributor delivers to us with bicycle power, puts their product in returnable containers to reduce waste to almost nothing, and works with local farmers to get bulk staples grown right here in the Willamette Valley! Visit our blog to learn more about this wonderful company, and look for the Hummingbird logo on our bulk bins to tell you which products come from them!"
Knee Deep Cattle Company
"Knee Deep Cattle Company is located in the mid Willamette Valley near the town of Coburg. Knee Deep Cattle Company prides itself in our cattle and assures you quality beef, from birth to consumption we trace the history of each animal. From our ranch to your table we produce what the consumer wants to eat: Beef Grass Fed, just as cattle were meant to live in their natural environment, grazing on lush green Oregon pastures."


Terra Firma Botanicals


"Founded in 1982, Terra Firma Botanicals is a woman-owned and operated business. At Terra Firma, we have a deeply personal relationship with the plants and the final preparations. Using the highest quality herbs, our organic liquid herbal extracts, herbal tinctures and herbal remedies are created with love and respect for the planet, for your health and for your healing. You get the purest gift Mother Earth can provide, a commitment we have stayed true to for over 30 years."

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